Pages From An Old Travel Journal

I’ve been to India before, about 10 years ago when Al and I went travelling after Uni.  We travelled for four months, so not for a long time but long enough to see a little of Australia, New Zealand, America, and India.  India was my favourite place by far; we travelled around the south and then headed north on a ridiculously long train journey. The colours, people, food and atmosphere, it was inspiring. 

I’m not normally a diary kinda girl, I tried writing one at boarding school but didn't really get anywhere. I had friends who would religiously write pages and pages in theirs every evening but I could never think what to write so in the end I gave up.  When we went travelling, I decided to give it another go…this time it was more of a scrap book than a diary, I filled it with tickets, flyers and sketches.

I took a heap of photos too, but the drawings evoke the strongest memories…I can remember exactly where I was, how I felt and what I was thinking.  I don’t think a photo can have the same effect; I’m probably too wrapped up in trying to capture the perfect image to take in the moment.

I found my sketchbooks while we were un-packing and re-packing our things, to have them shipped to India.
I’ve decided to start another while we’re here, some friends gave us a leather bound notebook that’s it’s just crying out to be filled with tickets and sketches.  I may show you show you some when I start, but for now, here are some pages from my old ones.
Do you like to keep a diary (other than your online one of course!) do you write or sketch in it?