Looking For A Place To Live

It’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit post.  My clothes have been all over the place the last few weeks.  First they were sifted through and organised into clothes to take to India and ones to stay in the UK.  Next they were split into clothes to take with me on the plane, and clothes to be shipped by sea that I could do without for up to 2 months.  And finally I had to decide which clothes I’d want to use in the first couple of weeks at the hotel and pack them into one case so that I wouldn’t have to rummage around three cases to find what I was looking for.

It took me ages to work out what to take.  For starters the weather had gone back to being cold, making it hard to believe that I wouldn’t need any chunky knits or a coat.  And secondly, I realised that my summer wardrobe was skeletal…even in the middle of summer I’d be complaining that I’m cold, so I never really had any need for really summery clothes before now.  A couple of rushed shopping trips later and I had managed to pull together mini collection of clothes that I hope will create a huge selection of outfits.  So far, it’s not let me down.
On Wednesday afternoon, Al finished work early and joined me on the hunt for an apartment.  I think we may have found one we like; it overlooks a park and has three big balconies that are just in line with the tops of the trees.  There are more places to see yet, but this one is a big contender.
After the brilliant Ms Tina had finished showing us around, we went for a walk to see what the area was like.  It’s a little quieter than most areas and has some great little cafes and shops around, as well as the local sellers on the side of the road, it was buzzing.
I’ve not been too keen on showing a lot of skin, it’s so hot here, but I get enough attention as it is without bearing all.  This dress works quite well; I spotted it in TK Maxx, and instantly liked the vintage feel and long hem.  
Dress from TK Maxx, belt from Topshop, bag from Zara, scarf from Miss Selfridge, cuff from Topman, shoes from Office.
While Alex was taking the photos I spotted a sleeping dog and couldn’t help taking a picture with her.