Bargain shopping for spring/summer 2009!

It’s that time again to start thinking about the new season. With the sales still in full swing, it’s easy to get sidetracked and spend money on items that may only be worn for another couple of months.

If the items aren’t classics; pieces that are season less, then think about how often you’ll actually wear that piece. Is it something that will take you through to Spring Summer?

Quite a few trends will continue into the next season, so you could find yourself a bargain which will be in fashion next season too.

Here are hints on what to look out for:

· African, tribal trend – Look out for any animal print accessories or clothing in the sales; zebra, leopard, anythign goes! These will go brilliantly with your outfits next season.

· Following on from this trend, yet very much a trend of its own, is snakeskin – There was snakeskin on footwear and bags last season, so if you find any of these in the sale, snap them up!

· Statement necklaces – In all the shops this season and set to be huge again come spring summer.

· 80’s Revival - The 80’s is one of those trends that seems to linger in the background most seasons. This time round, however, it’s found its way to the fore front. Think oversized earrings, bold colours and prints.

· Denim - We all love denim and this season is no exception, every shade and every style goes, from jackets to dungarees and even shoes! Purchasing denim in the sales is always a good buy, but this time round it’s especially good.

Purchasing items in the sale needn’t be a waste of money. If done cleverly you can purchase a bargain which will take you through to the end of the summer! Saving money on these key items now, means more money left over to buy the accessories you might want to update your look later on in the season.