British fashion’s answer to The X Factor

Are you a talented wannabe stylist looking for that opportunity to take you to into the world of fashion styling?

ELLE are on the hunt in the country’s high-street shops to discover a shop girl or boy who has what it takes to make it as a fashion stylist, and they’re coming to Bristol on the 28th April – that’s tomorrow!!!

The six month campaign – called ‘Shopgirl to Stylist’ – is a talent search designed to discover fashion styling talent ELLE knows is hiding on the British High St. It is a nationwide initiative, our aim being to discover a shop girl or boy who has what it takes to make it as a fashion stylist (we like to think of it as British fashion’s answer to The X Factor!). The winner will get the chance to style an ELLE shoot, take a magazine internship and receive expert mentoring from ELLE’s fashion team, as well as Lorraine herself.

The team will be scouting within the town centre’s high street stores, offering styling tips and advice and encouraging the shop girls/guys to enter the competition. So all aspiring stylists in Bristol get yourself into town, for a chance to meet and greet the fashion team.

Entry to the competition is simple, via a specific portal at the ELLE website – which went live at the beginning of April.

If you don’t fancy entering then visit the website to vote for your favourite stylista!

Inspiration from Cabot Circus

My recent feature for Folio magazine was about all the fab fashion events taking place in the region this season. Since then Cabot Circus have had their fashion show. The outfits were great – very wearable, however I’d have loved to have seen some more accessories. Jewellery can really make an outfit and this season it’s all about statement jewellery, the shops in Bristol are brimming with oversized necklaces, and big bangles.

Here are some images from the show (kindly provided by Abi Dare) to encourage you out of your winter wardrobe. I’ve also hunted around Cabot Circus to find you some fabulous accessories to help with the often tricky transitional dressing.

Savvy summer styling:

Unleash your girly side with these floral bangles from Topshop.

Take your favourite outfit from day to night with this striking necklace from Topshop.

Pile on the bangles and work the tribal trend with these from Walis.

Update your favourite jeans and t-shirt combo by adding this statement necklace from Topshop.

Team this necklace from River Island with a pair of skinny’s, a stripe t-shirt and boyfriend jacket for instant chic.

If colour scares you then ease yourself in with these little block colour rings from Dorothy Perkins.

Sharpen up your Utility Chic outfit, with this bracelet from New Look.

All images kindly provided by prshots

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