Behind the scenes

I recently co-ordinated a photo shoot and dabbled in a spot of fashion styling for Folio Magazines Wedding feature out in March.
Local designers supplied the beautiful dresses, jewellery, bouquets and cake, and Bristol’s finest hair stylist and make-up artist made the models look truly stunning.
Goldbrick house was the fabulous backdrop to our shoot; the walls covered in lavish bold printed paper, combined with the quirky and eclectic furniture to create wonderfully atmospheric, vintage inspired photos.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day, the models looked gorgeous and the whole day ran smoothly thanks to everyone involved!
Here are some behind the scenes photos I took on the day:

Image courtesy of Matthew Lincoln Photography.
The finished results:
All images courtesy of Matthew Lincoln Photography.

If you want to get in touch with any of the people involved then here's where to find them:

Photographer, Matt Lincoln,
Make up artist: Dianne Jamieson,
Hair stylist: Sam Bell,
Florist: Lisa Elliott: 0117 9732440
Jewellery: JP Diamonds,

Cryomation & Cryomation Diamonds

Today (Thursday 11th Feb) we discovered a new way of being sent into the next world - Cryomation - a greener alternative to Cremation and burial.
Using liquid nitrogen to freeze dry the body, all the water is removed and the remains are scientifically treated.
We are researching offering Cryomation diamonds and will update this post soon.
In the meantime don't hesitate to call us 0870 881 0612 or e-mail from our contacts page

In the near future we will develop