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The Honey Bee Diamond

We at Phoenix Diamonds just love trying 'Firsts' - we made the first diamond in the world from an umbilical cord 'The Jessica Diamond'. The first diamond from the Promessa process and NOW - the first diamond made from bees [they died a natural death] but from the deaths of  2500 honey bees they will live-on, because from their bodies we extracted their unique carbon, compressed it at 10,000 tons/sq.ins. and heated it to 1300c for some time, to produce a raw diamond which we cut and polished with 58 facets in a brilliant cut.

The results are truly fabulous, actually a honey coloured diamond at around 1.25 carats.

Our philanthropy will help towards further research into 'Hive Death' and the plight of bees in a modern society intent on keeping insects in check and unfortunately killing bees in the process (or so it is alleged). Without bees pollinating WE ALL DIE

The diamonds will be auctioned very soon once the donors of the dead bees have had a chance to see their beautiful results

You make me hole.

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(Cut out tee c/o PopCouture, leggings Goldie, boots Aldo, check shirt Forever21, necklace made from a dreamcatcher from Ebay, cut out cuff Forever21, sunglasses H&M)

Heyyy guys, yep the title's a play on words, I'm aware that hole is spelt incorrectly. It kind of feels like I haven't posted for ages what with my hideous work schedule, Wildfox excitement AND a few busy weekends, but I promise to get right back on track as I have SO much to show you (I know you're excited!)  Anyways in other news, the absolute beauts at Popcouture sent me this cut out tee which I LOVE....there's a slight side boob situation going down but on the day this was worn, it was pretty sunny and as a result, I was feeling carefree...sorry to anyone subjected to a boob shot.  If you fancy getting your side boob on and feeling care free you can get yours HERE. You can of course also wear it with something underneath, as lots of flesh isn't always appropriate! These guys are fast becoming one of my fave online boutiques so you should defo check them out for affordable, amazing pieces plus their Summer collection makes me feel all warm inside so go have a look if you're jetting off anywhere nice. I teamed the top with some lace up leggings by Goldie that I bought from Ebay last year and haven't really worn since (just to give me that extra angry goth vibe), as well as my old faithful Aldo boots. But enough about me, for those of you who didn't see my tweet announcing the winner of the Forever21 goodie bag last week, the winner was Millie of Lola In the Lounge, So congrats and your goodie bag is on it's way! Right, well thats all I have time to bore you with so lots of love, as always Penny xo

P.s A big thank you to everyone who voted for me and "liked" my photo in the Wildfox competition! It means more than you know, I lost out to the absolute POWER HOUSE that is India Rose, but it was amazing being asked to be part of Take10 :)

Three Ways To Wear...

An oversized t-shirt.

I’m a sucker for an oversized t-shirt or vest.  I see them on other women and love how effortlessly stylish they look.  They ooze that ‘couldn’t care less…just threw it on’ chic that I wish I could master.   I know I’m not the only one who’s drawn to this look; I can’t tell you how many times I've found these hidden at the back of clients wardrobes, with the labels still on!

Oversized t-shirts can be so unflattering if you're not careful.  The loose un-structured shape is going to hide any kind of waist you might have and more often than not, the length will cut across the thighs. 

My 5ft 4 pear shape is one of the hardest shapes to work this style top, but where there’s a will there’s a way and I should know enough tricks by now to make this look work for me and my shape. Here are three of my favourite looks, but there are may more ways to wear it...maybe a little more colour next time!

Tied in a knot: Top - Evil Twin - Asos, jeans - Oasis, boots - Zara, belt - French Connection.
Layered: Jacket - Zara, trousers - J Brand, boots - NW3, bangles - Indian market.
Tucked in: Trousers - monsoon, shoes - Office, belt - Topshop, bangles - Indian market and Topshop.


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Hey guys, I'm back from my travels with work and through my jetlag and extreme exhaustion, I'm happy to tell you guys that I've been selected as one of the Take 10 Wildfox bloggers :) I have literally been ready to burst ever since I received one of their dreamy crop tees to customise. I decided not to go too over board with the customisation and just opted for some tiny heat transer studs and these amazing peace sign thingies that you can get off ebay. The photos are now all live on the wildfox facebook page and I would love you all if you like my photo :) HERE. The competition is amazing and I'm up against some of my all time faves... but every little helps.

Also, just to let you guys know I will be announcing the winner of the Forever21 giveaway tomorrow on twitter so watch this space and you could be the lucky winner!

Lots of love, Penny xo



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Jean Harlow on the set of Riffraff (in 1936)


I am taking a vacation in the next weeks so its going to be perfect and I will ve off the record.You can follow me on instagram as glamrockgal.Its becoming an amazing august.

its very close.i love being under the sea not breating but swimming with the fish and looking down the bottom- the most beautiful natural view.I like swimming far away from the beach the deeper the better... and when I am back to the beach breathless of swimming I just stop and stare the sea...tanning oils has the best scent ...love it.

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