You make me hole.

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(Cut out tee c/o PopCouture, leggings Goldie, boots Aldo, check shirt Forever21, necklace made from a dreamcatcher from Ebay, cut out cuff Forever21, sunglasses H&M)

Heyyy guys, yep the title's a play on words, I'm aware that hole is spelt incorrectly. It kind of feels like I haven't posted for ages what with my hideous work schedule, Wildfox excitement AND a few busy weekends, but I promise to get right back on track as I have SO much to show you (I know you're excited!)  Anyways in other news, the absolute beauts at Popcouture sent me this cut out tee which I LOVE....there's a slight side boob situation going down but on the day this was worn, it was pretty sunny and as a result, I was feeling carefree...sorry to anyone subjected to a boob shot.  If you fancy getting your side boob on and feeling care free you can get yours HERE. You can of course also wear it with something underneath, as lots of flesh isn't always appropriate! These guys are fast becoming one of my fave online boutiques so you should defo check them out for affordable, amazing pieces plus their Summer collection makes me feel all warm inside so go have a look if you're jetting off anywhere nice. I teamed the top with some lace up leggings by Goldie that I bought from Ebay last year and haven't really worn since (just to give me that extra angry goth vibe), as well as my old faithful Aldo boots. But enough about me, for those of you who didn't see my tweet announcing the winner of the Forever21 goodie bag last week, the winner was Millie of Lola In the Lounge, So congrats and your goodie bag is on it's way! Right, well thats all I have time to bore you with so lots of love, as always Penny xo

P.s A big thank you to everyone who voted for me and "liked" my photo in the Wildfox competition! It means more than you know, I lost out to the absolute POWER HOUSE that is India Rose, but it was amazing being asked to be part of Take10 :)