George Davies GIVe’s us a refreshing shopping experience.

I visited the GIVe, (or George the fourth) in Cribbs Causeway recently and was so excited at what I discovered.
The collection, although coming to the end of the season, was still looking fab. There were no clothes on the floor; no huge ‘sale’ tickets everywhere, everything looked expensive, stylish and well looked after. I have to say, I immediately thought I’d never be able to afford anything in here. But how wrong I was! The clothes aren’t cheap, but they’re certainly a lot less than I’d expected them to be.
It’s not just the price or the quality of the clothing that’s won me over, the most exciting thing I discovered was the in-store tailor. They’ll do alterations at a very reasonable price and best of all, they’ll customise things for you too. I looked at the rail crammed full of garments that had been customised, and instantly coveted a structured jacket with sequins hand-sewn on the collar. There was a skirt which had been shortened and almost totally re-styled, and a black studded top, modelling a brand new set of shoulder pads. Genius!
When, the 4th of Feb comes round, I’ll be straight to straight up to Cribbs to purchase my very own version of the navy jumpsuit, safe in the knowledge that, thanks to some clever customisation, it’ll look different from anyone else’s!
For those of you who can’t wait till the Feb 4th, here’s a sneaky peek of what’s to come:
The Kyra Jumpsuit - £99
The Fleur Dress, £79, The Phoebe Cardigan-£59, The Bella Sandal-£79

The Leanne Jacket-£99,The Bianca Jean-£59
Anjali Top-£59,The Carrie Skirt-£55,The Navy Platform Shoe-£129

The Aggie Tunic-£49,The Halle Mac-£99

How much are diamonds worth? - will take you to 'Langerman Diamonds Encyclopedia', you may see many references to the different colours of NATURAL diamonds.
Two important colours to us are Yellow (we term them Canary) and Blue - various shades.
You will also see the Pink and Blue are the same 'value' at $100k - $250k per carat. The yellow are mentioned to be around $10,000 - $50,000 per carat.
Please don't compare the prices as our diamonds are made from cremation ashes and hair of the deceased....but it's interesting to see NATURAL colours have a huge colour spread from red to black

Venue magazine

In Venue this week, Rachel Nott asks five local experts what’s hot for 2010. I was honoured to be her fashion expert!
What's hot fashionwise for 2010 and why?
Spring/Summer 2010 trends fuse to create an ethereal take on seasons past.
The hottest trend is a fairytale wonderland, combining romantic ruffles, lace, ice-cream shades and soft vintage prints. The dominating blacks and embellishments of 2009 have been re-tuned - studs and chains are mixed with softer, draped garments, inspired by classical Rome.
The classics are back as another hot trend. Fashion has heeded our need to spend wisely making this the year of sensible shopping. Trench coats, denim and military jackets are in abundance; perfect for building a long-lasting wardrobe, and adding edge to 2010’s romantic look.
Elements of last season carry through; sequins, one-shoulder numbers, jumpsuits and statement jewellery, all with a softer feel.
What's totally not hot for 2010, and again, why?
Wave goodbye to killer heels, say hello to happy feet! Shoes are leading the way in fashions more classic, sensible stance.
What are your top 5 wardrobe must-haves (5 each for guys and girls!) for spring/summer?
Denim shirt/jacket.
Statement jewellery for effortless updating.
A pair of nude/tan shoes.
Lace top
Draped dress
Military style jacket
Denim, denim and more denim.
A softly patterned shirt
Some Soft colours
What do you think 2010 will best be remembered for in a fashion sense?
2010 is playing it safe, fusing past trends and re-working the classics. It will be remembered for a more wearable, longer lasting, relaxed take on fashion, reflecting our changing attitudes.
Finally, give me one easy fashion ambition everyone can achieve this year.
Find your creative side and mix and match your wardrobe to the maximum. Create 10 new outfits using only the items you currently have. Shop your wardrobe!
Find out what the other experts had to say on page’s 30-33 in Venue No. 903

Digby the Digger Dog

One of our dog diamonds (there have been a few) a 1.00carat Canary brilliant mounted in a custom ring setting with diamond chips. The ring has been designed by our Ozzie agent - Sue and the diamond has been mae from the ashes of her own 'Digby'