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Clifton College clothes swapping evening

I was very kindly invited to wave my styling wand over Clifton college's clothes swapping event.

It was a lovely evening; there were nibbles, bubbly, and piles of fabulous clothes and accessories. To top it off, two ladies from Bobbi Brown were on hand to give some make-up tips.

I persuaded some of the women to try items that they wouldn’t normally have and everyone left with at least two new items of clothing to add to their wardrobe, some left with many more!

On trend tattoos

Tattoos are big news this season with both Rodarte and Chanel showcasing tattooed models down the catwalk. Rodarte’s models were branded with bold tribal designs, while Chanel’s were decorated with delicate transfers in chains and pearls. Chanel is even selling temporary tattoos in a pop-up shop in Selfridges for the next couple of weeks.

Chanel’s tattoo parlour

For temporary tattoos that don't cost the earth and are just as pretty as Chanels, try this fab website:

If covering your body in tattoos isn’t for you, there are other ways to dabble in this trend, and with something a little closer to home too. Here in Bristol, we have our very own shoe tattooist!

Based in Weston–super-Mare, and drawing on his varied experience from working in media to graphic design and painting, the Hungarian-born artist Imre Jernei, will ‘tattoo’ your shoes, bags, belts and even skateboards, creating beautifully unique wearable art.

Imre finds his inspiration in Hungarian motifs, and a mixture of classical and Japanese tattoos. “Music is my other inspiration, classical, rock and urban (hip hop and R'N'B). I get my inspiration from these subcultures' visual world.”

I asked Imre what he thinks about the Bristol style:

“Bristol-style is comfortable, but elegant, never out of fashion. This style combines the strongest fashion elements of the different subcultures - the visual ideas of the city's million faces. The style really reflects the city itself, it's so balanced, but also really bright, vibrant and elegant. The one thing I really like about Bristolians style is the freshness and the totally free mix of different fashion ideas”.

Imre can ‘tattoo’ pretty much anything, “if something is really difficult to airbrush, I’ll combine it with hand-drawing. I can even do portraits, but that takes longer than a graffiti tag.

If you want to get in touch with Imre about an exclusive design, then visit his blog: He’s also just started to run workshops in various skate and shoe shops.

Get inspiration for your spring/summer wardrobe at the Mall’s fashion shows

Well it’s that time again, the new collections are making an appearance in the shops and with the sale items finally disappearing we can start to think about how to work the spring/summer trends and what to buy to update our wardrobes from last summer.

If you need some inspiration then head to the Mall at Cribbs Causeway for one of their fantastic fashion shows.

I used worked at John Lewis as one of their fashion advisors before setting up my own Personal Styling business, ( and had the opportunity to experience the shows from behind the scenes. The work that goes into getting the shows and outfits just right is incredible!

Mark Heyes has become a regular host and is returning again, with celebrity hair dresser, Andrew Barton. Mark says: “Thousands of fashion-savvy ladies return year after year, so if you’ve not been before, then come and join us. As well as the fashion shows, you can enjoy free cosmetic make-overs, mini-manicures, massages, hair advice and styling by SAKS”

The fashion magazines are full of fab images from the catwalk shows at the moment, how many of you look at the models and think to yourself “there’s no way I can wear that!” Well you can, with a little inspiration from the Mall fashion show; you’ll discover how to interpret the catwalk looks and adapt them into something much more wearable.

Showcasing outfits for all ages and styles, and fabulous make-overs by Mark Heyes, the shows are a must for anyone who’s not sure about how to work this season’s trend’s, or is looking for a fab trip out.

Tickets cost from just £8.50 and are available from or The Mall’s Information Desk.

Makeover model Sally:

Sally Whitworth was picked to be one of the makeover models at The Mall's fashion show last October.

Sally said: “It was so exciting to receive personal style advice from Mark Heyes and the other experts. Going out on the catwalk was scary, but everyone was very supportive and knowing I looked good gave me the confidence to do it. The buzz stayed with me for some time afterwards. I’d really recommend the experience to anyone!”

All images courtesy of Sarah King