How to look good (nearly) naked - Part three- What’s the best style of underwear for your shape?

Well, this is the final instalment of a three part feature that I pulled together for Andrew Jackson and his Viva Boudoir photography package. In the other two posts I talked about the importance of wearing the right underwear, and about how understanding your body shape and its proportions will help you make informed decisions about which underwear is going to be best for you.

Now I want to take this a step further and arm you with the information to go out there and choose underwear that will not only give you the support you need, but be flattering too.

For this you not only need to take into consideration your body shape, but also your bust shape. Everyone’s breasts are different in shape; some are closer together and some are fuller, so it’s really important that you choose the right shape bra to give you the best support and shape.

Bust shape

Full or heavy breasts that are full above and below the nipple.
Opt for a full cup, plunge or soft cup.  The key is to avoid styles that dig into the breasts and creating bulging.

Long/shallow breasts that are shallower on the top and fuller from the nipple down.
A full cup or firm balcony style will prevent wrinkling at the top of the cup due to it not being filled.

Body shape

Neat column shape with a small bust
Opt for styles that will add curves and softness to your shape.

Bra set Floozie by Frost French at Debenhams 
Curvaceous hourglass shape with good sized bust
Opt for styles that enhance your fabulous curves and highlight your waist.
Ann Summers Ava bra and high-waisted brief
Broad apple shape with fab legs and good bust
Choose styles that enhance your waist and broaden your hips.
John Lewis Phoebe Lingerie
Pear shape with a tiny waist and small bust
Choose styles that highlight your waist and make your hips look narrower.
 Presence longline bra Marks and Spencer

Accessories and enhancers

Don’t forget, there are plenty of bra accessories and breast enhancers that will help you to create the perfect fit and shape.
Accessories from Marks and spencer