Tomorrow me and my photographer friend will do a photoshoot and I am picking clothes and accessories to combine together.I've spend half an hour in front of my closet and in front of the mirror...what to wear with what.Spring pieces of mine are so beautiful I am very into every single of them.Curious about tomorrow's photoshoot? So, stay tunned and check out the blog! :)

I am going to use vintage pieces with my favorite daywear basics and also I am very into sporty chic trend of the moment so I will give it a try.I am into sports wear clothes combining with high heel simple classic pieces.Its a new love (inspiration: Alexander Wang).I am also inspired by Isabel Marant's French chic.I will do another post on Isabel Marant's French chic- its my favorite.I did a little observation and alot of reading on Paris women style-how to wear? Its easy.Read my future posts...Gotta go now.

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