D.I.Y Dye

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(Alton cut out boots from ASOS)

Like many of you, I've been lusting after the JC Coltrane boots for quite some time. Sometimes I'd sit and stare at them on the Office website, it's sad but times are hard and I'm saving to buy a house, and let's face it those bad boys aint cheap. So when I came across the ASOS Alton HERE I got pretty excited! I love how these aren't as clompy as the coltrane boots and I think they're way more wearable and easy on the eye. There was a double whammy of excitement when I saw the white pair were half price! I had the crazy idea of dying them (they were a steal at £32) and before I knew it I was typing in my card details. It was a shock but it actually worked out pretty well! The dye cost me £2.50 and was a black Dylon leather dye. I added black polish and Ta da! ...Outfit post coming very soon. I also wore them in the rain last week and they are still very much black and amazing! Try it yourself and get a beaut pair of cutout boots at a fraction of the price! Don't forget to tweet me any pics if you try it out! xo