Box Of Trinkets

Having more time on my hands over here was something I wasn’t looking forward to, I’m someone who likes to keep busy.  But I’ve realised that having the ability to take time out from my busy life, and to reassess things, is an amazing opportunity and I feel very fortunate that I can!  My styling business was a full time job for me back in Bristol, so all the other things I used to love doing, like designing, photography and crafting, just got pushed to one side and I don’t think I realised how much I missed them.   Some of my favourite memories are of my mum keeping my sister and I entertained for hours on end, just with a selection of coloured papers and paint, we loved it, and I intend to re-live it!

A lot of my art stuff was packed up in storage while we were living with my parents and I’d forgotten what I actually had.  Throughout University I collected old jewellery to incorporate into my designs; I was obsessed with manipulating and embellishing my fabrics and would trawl the local charity shops and flea markets, for anything I might be able to use.  

I went a bit bonkers collecting stuff and now have a box full of trinkets…I think it’s time to do something with all this, don’t you?