Piece of mind. Piece of cake

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Photography by JCWS
(Hat TK Maxx, leather jacket Topshop Boutique, check shirt Topshop, dip dye fringe bralet c/o Lavish Alice, disco pants American apparel, bag Morocco, Spine shoes Ebay, feather temporary tattoo Inkwear )

Hey guys, absolutely loads going on in this post which is kind of representative of my life right now. I seem to be living in a busy colourful whirlwind of tassels/work and photo shoots but I'm not complaining. I'm going to moan about the weather AGAIN. Unfortunately for British girls, we get to shop all the lovely beautiful Summer collections, but it's never actually warm enough to wear it! So when the guys at Lavish Alice sent me this gorgeous bralet (you can get yours HERE) I made it my mission to wear it on a cold, miserable Sunday. If I was a bralet... I would be this bralet. Its got fringing, dip dye-goodness AND it's a bit pink too. It was threatening to rain all day so I shoved on my trusty fluffy hat and teamed it with Disco pants (I know you guys are probably sick of the sight of bloggers in disco pants, but in this retched weather, there really isn't much choice for my freezing cold bottom half) I cheered my feet up by teaming them with my totally creepy spine boots you can get yours HERE  I also received a couple of gorgeous INKWEAR temporary tattoo transfers this week, I love the little feather transfer... and if I wasn't such a wimp then i'd probably go and have it done permanently tomorrow, Inkwear are also pretty amazing as you can now design your own transfer for those of you who want to see how a tattoo will look before committing! I'm also have a giveaway very soon which includes an amazing Inkwear treat especially for those of you heading to festivals this Summer :) Lots of Love as always Penny xo