A Flea Market That's Second To None

So a few weeks back I mentioned that I wasn’t too sure about where my blog was going and was worrying that it was getting a bit too general. I talked about how I originally set out to create a place where people could get simple style advice on working the trends, developing their style and making the most of their wardrobe, instead of spending buckets of money on far too many clothes that are never worn.  But since moving to India I’ve been so inspired and my passion for pattern, photography and travel have been making an appearance on the blog too. I had some lovely comments and feedback in response to my post, telling me not to worry about it, take the blog in a direction that’s natural to me and just blog about what I’d like to read.  So that’s exactly I’m going to do from now on :)

This post is about one of my favourite past times…rummaging around in flea markets and vintage fairs.  Back in Bristol I missed so many flea markets thanks to weekends spent sifting though clients wardrobes or taking them shopping.  However, with a little more time on my hands over here, I’m able to indulge my passion for finding unique, handmade, or second hand items to add to my collection.  The thought of going to a flea market in the UK excites me, but one in India…that’s even more exciting! 

Before we moved here I spent hours online looking for Bangalore blogs to follow, I figured they’d be the best place to find out about my new home and the events going on, and I wasn’t wrong.  My two favourite bloggers are Ruhi from http://www.republicofchic.in/ and Smrithi from  http://www.vintage-obsession.com/. I can’t wait to read their new posts and fill my diary with new places to visit and things I just have to do, their blogs are tons better than any guide book! Oh, and Ruhi sells the most amazing jewellery too!  Anyway, that’s enough blog lovin for now (but you must go over and check them out after this) I’ll get back to the flea markets!

Within the first couple of weeks of being here it was my birthday so I had the perfect excuse to drag Alex along to Second To None flea market an event and initiative designed to encourage and inspire people to see un-wanted items in a different light, to see the things we'd normally throw away as the perfect material for making pretty things and functional items...this market showcased up-cycling and recycling to perfection.  It was so inspiring and I left I left with a few new things (of course!) and a heap of ideas to customise my own things.

I wore my maxi skirt and floated around the market in layers of loose fabric, it was perfect in the heat and so comfortable. 

I know that was a really picture heavy post, but I just had to show you everything!  I went to another flea market a couple of weeks ago, so will post about that soon.  Until then, have a lovely weekend! xx