Playing With Pastels

It’s far more interesting when someone has their own style, rather than blindly following the latest fashions.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to see what’s in fashion for the season (and I probably get swept up in some of them too…dipped hems anyone?) but I only buy into the trends that I truly like and that work for me and my style.  When the trend for candy colours started to take over the rails and magazines, I thought “this is one trend I think I’ll pass on”.   It’s not that I don’t like the colours; it’s more that I’m not sure how to make them work for me.  I’ve seen some stunning outfits on the blogosphere but they’re not really me. 

Anyway, the trouble is that pretty pastel shades are a BIG thing this season so I’m finding it harder and harder to avoid them.  So instead of scouring the rails for black, I thought I’d see if there was a way that I could make this colour palette work for me and my style…I like a challenge.

Well of course, after I started looking, I found quite a few items that I liked (typical!).  Here are my favourite picks.

And if I were to wear this trend, my outfit would look something like this…

A gorgeous pale blue dress with edgy accessories and some rock chick attitude.  I also love the idea of mixing a pale pink jacket with my Iron Maiden t-shirt!   Get me, I’m on a roll!

Edgy pastels