Bag of tricks

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(Bag from Morocco, Kimono from Reverse, rings by me, bangles from Morocco)

Whilst in Morocco, I picked up this absolutely amazing embossed leather bag. The detailing is insane and I can't wait to wear it to within an inch of it's life so it looks all weathered and lovely. The kimono I got a few months back and have been dying to wear ever since (I only get to wear it under a leather jacket to work due to the absolutely tragic British weather) The rings are all by me apart from the silver one from H&M, basically this outfit just makes me want to be back in Morocco even more.... I can pretend (sadface). Anyways, enough about me and my holiday blues, hope you're all well and let me know any posts you guys want to see... I'm felling all adventurous these days now that I've done a video....and stay tuned for another ASTRAEA giveaway next week! Lots of Love Penny xo