Solaris Astrology is one of the best news and celebrity astrology sites on the world wide web. From celebrities to politics, from world events, disasters, relationships, celebrity and country profiles as well as looking at the planets and how they are affecting your life each month, he tries to write so that people with little knowledge of astrology can understand how the planet movements affect the way we live our lives. In the past year he has predicted that drink and drugs would get the better of Amy Winehouse, posted to the exact week when Colonel Gaddafi would be captured and killed, and he forsaw the crisis with the Euro and the financial deadlock in America. Elsewhere on the site he has more than 170 articles on the Solaris Astrology index covering from the Japanese Tsunami of 2011, the London Riots, the Royal Wedding of William and Kate, even a look at the CERN Hadron Collider in Geneva and the links to astrology. He has looked at top sportsman, writers, actors and actresses, musicians and world leaders. On the site there is the Beginner's Guide to Astrology where he shows you the basics in how to read an astology chart, information on the planets, astrology signs and their meanings in astrology and in general life. Also you can ask him to look at your own personal chart and get a personalised astrology wheel. Astrology is for everyone, and he believes it is a very powerful tool that can help you better your own life.