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I have been buying magazines since I was 12 something.All my teen years I bought Music magazines and fashion magazines for girls and at 15 I ended up buying my first editions of Harpers Bazaar and Marie Claire.and then Elle and international magazines.My favorite magazine was Seventeen which my American penfriend sent me at like 1994.I was so young and it was the most beautiful magazine I ever had that included fashion,music,coping with being a teen and more.and someday I found stores that sells international magazines including Seventeen.I bought whenever I can but mostly twice a year.International magazines are ridiculusly pricey in Turkey(still), and during university years I kept buying really cool fashion magazines but I was too busy with school and life.and now I have much more interest and study in fashion I like inspirational and influencial fashion magazines that inspire.Turkish reprints are never enough since ages so I only buy international editions of Vogue,Elle and Nylon.I really love Vogue UK,Vogue Italia and Vogue Paris.I also think Spanish editions of Vogue,Elle and Harpers Bazaar are very professional.I ended up buying UK editions of Vogue,Harpers Bazaar and Elle like every month.I like to read in English.I don't ever buy US edition of Vogue or any other magazines because they are not enough to me.The power is UK,Italian and French editions of Vogue.A couple of times I bought Tatler but I dont get it.They are doing this mag for older high society ladies right? I ended up to this point.The content of Tatler is kind of like for a Queen at age of 60.My favorite inspirational magazines are I-D,Dazed and Confused and Another.They are both Brit and I love contents and photoshoots and editorials and all the life effect and taste.I love them.they give a bright color to newsstands.I also like V.Its very inspirational.But to be honest French magazines give great French chic info.They sell French style.French editions of L'Officiel and Grazia.I also discovered STYLE Papers Magazine of France when I was in Paris and no its not avaible in Tr or UK(at least I never saw it around London).Vogue japan is also experimental.Marie Claire and Elle has best editions as Italian and French..Instyle UK has great content too.But I am lately so in love with INDUSTRIE.I don't know why I discovered it so late.Its an insider magazine mostly interviews of people from fashion industrie and they tell all.The content is like nothing else also they have cool photoshoots and soooo many interviews.Great info.I keep buying,reading and highlighting my international magazines and as a collector of all these years I have to thank to all of the inspirational people working in this industry.I achieved a great backround and knowledge.Magazines are a great colour of my life.Especially in gray winter days when theres no colour around.

I enjoy mostly checking out contents before I buy a magazine.Yes I read tons of international street style blogs but sometimes all you like is print to keep.My favorite magazine of all time? Vogue UK and Elle UK.They have great editorials and I love 60s.I also love Vogue Italia.But my favorite independent magazine is Another.Industrie is number one to read interviews.Yes I know.Alot.But I breathe fashion,I live fashion and they feed me.That's my world.

article written by BURCU ACEM.2012.
photo by istanbulfashionaddict glamrockgal@instragram