These are the wardrobe must-haves that you need in your closet always forever:

1.Lots of vintage and classic and rock-style jewelry (from rings,bracelets and necklaces and cuffs to earrings in both elegant style and rocking)
2.Great fitting pair of jeans (bestever tip:one pair for wearing with high heels and one to wear with ballerinas or sandals)
3. Little Black Dress (that works best for your body type)
4. Easy to walk with shoes with mid-heels (I don't like flats but I adore mid-heels that I can walk fast with)
5. Boyfriend Cardigan (if there's no boyfriend you have grab one from Zara,Top Shop or H&M)
6. V-Neck cashmere sweater (if you can not afford cashmere go for a good quality wool)
7. White T-Shirt (try Zara,Top Shop or Mango and buy more than 5-7 piece of t-shirts)
8. A perfect dress that can be worn from day to night (flower prints are the best but you can go color flush)
9.Black or Nude Pump (or both)
10. Shoulder bag/tote (holds everything you need and designer bags are more something than ever-itbags have so many different styles)

and never forget to be brave and try new trends and styles that fits perfect on you.Also get inspired by istanbul fashion addict;) !!

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