So....I went a bit crazy thrifting this weekend and ended up bringing a whole lot of stuff home with me! (The first photo doesnt actually include everything that I bought, but I got fed up of laying it all out after the 7th bag of "stuff") My favourite purchases include this amazing poison ring, which has not been off my finger since I bought it, and the tassely "thing" I have in my hair... The lady seemed quite alarmed when I told her I was going to"stick it in my bun" rather than use it as its actual purpose: a bookmark!

I also started chopping up some of the dresses which I bought for just 40p each! The beautiful red one, I havent touched yet because Im worried I will get a little "snip happy" but I shall attack it this week and show you guys the outcome!

Cant wait to post some new lovely thrifted outfits.