Early morning interview on BBC Bristol Radio

I was invited to talk on BBC Radio Bristol on Thursday morning.

They were discussing the current sales in the shops and whether they have had any effect on our shopping habits:

Most of the shoppers they interviewed thought that the sales hadn’t really made a difference to the way they shop, I know that when I’ve been out shopping it’s always pretty busy, however although there seems to be a lot of people, they’re not carrying many shopping bags.

When I’m shopping with a client, and I know that the shops we’re going in have mark downs, I’ll always check to see if what I’m looking for is reduced. It’s important not to get side tracked by the reductions though; a bargain is only a bargain if you’re planning to buy it anyway!

I’ve been pretty busy as people are more aware of what their buying and how much things cost, my clients know that enlisting my help guarantees their money will be spent on worthwhile items. It’s my job to make sure that they’re spending their hard earned money on items
that will work to the maximum.

As for findng some good bargins, there’s so much to choose from! The best bargains to buy, if they’re reduced are classic items, ones which won’t date too much. In the current climate we want to be purchasing items which we know will take us from season to season, year after year. I know it sounds very boring but don’t buy something just because it’s reduced, if it’s something you wouldn’t normally buy the chances are it’ll just sit in your wardrobe with the label still on. So make sure you’re buying something you’re going to wear otherwise you’ve not saved any money at all!
Accessories are also great to buy in the sales, statement necklaces are all the rage at the moment and they’re a fab way of updating an outfit effectively and inexpensively.

Here’s a handy tip: Sign up to receive newsletters from your favourite shops (most high street shops give you the option of joining a mailing list or something like that), and you’ll find you start to receive special offers and discounts that can be used on line or in store.

Happy shopping!